It is weird. Over the last two weeks I have forgotten that I am a web comic artist. I did not realize I’d forgotten this until today when I was told that Obsidian had drawn the Almost Normal me into the background of Wednesday’s Commissioned Comic. I was amazed and flattered and excited to be included in his work this way, and also a bit surprised. I said to myself, “Why would O choose me? Who am I to be that special?”

Then I remembered, “Oh right! I am a Web comic artist! I am part of a community of other web comic artists! How could I forget this?”

It seems to me that in order to be a web comic artist, or perhaps any kind of artist at all, you have to spend a whole lot of time living in your own head. This includes spending time on the internet. When I’m on WoW or chatting through Facebook and Twitter, I don’t just see text and graphics, I move through the screen into the world in my head. Here all the people and characters I interact with online exist in a tangible form, not just as pixels on the screen.

My move and the Thanksgiving holiday caused me to take a two week vacation from the world in my head and spend quite a bit of time interacting with the people and things that exist in the “real” world. While normally I’d see real life friends for a bit here and there, for the last two weeks I have been surrounded by the people I love, eating good food, having great parties, and getting the best hugs and well wishes for my journey. For the last 7 days I’ve been living with my boyfriend, which is quite an adjustment from a long distance relationship where we spent most of our time with each other in our heads by phone, Skype, or Ventrillo.

Spending all this time in the real world has been great, amazing, and awesome, but it has really thrown my comic ideas into a spin! For one, all this real world communication has made it really difficult to hear Dalia, Despair and the whole host of other characters in my head. Maybe they are just being quiet and taking all this newness in. Maybe to them it’s like watching a compelling film about a fantastical world they don’t exist in. Maybe once things settle down and they’ve processed our new environment they will start talking to me again. Until this morning, I didn’t even know that I missed them. Until then though, what do I do with my comic?

My comic was originally supposed to be about me. Up until 2 weeks ago though, the characters in my head were much more interesting! Now, with all these changes in my real life, I feel compelled to move Almost Normal back closer to the direction I initially started in, but I also find myself considering my fans and the characters they have become attached to. Do I move forward in this new direction, or do I try to continue with threads that I started before my move?

I think the answer is to just do what feels right now and don’t concern myself with what others think. Dalia and Despair are a part of me. They may be quiet right now, but they haven’t gone away. I’m sure they’ll make their way back into the story when they see fit. For now, it’s time to draw and work with what comes out.

Thanks for listening to my musings. I look forward to getting back into the swing of things here. :)