Oh my gosh! So emo!!! There are times where I just need to shake things up in my own head because they get too ridiculous in the wrong directions. :)

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Poor Dalia, or should I say My Little Beerhorse. I fought against this whole My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic thing for a very long time! Everyone thought since I have a horse character, and I was definitely a huge My Little Pony fan as a kid, and I liked the Power Puff Girls, that I would LOVE the new MLP:FIM! I was against it because they took my cute round pudgy ponies of the 80′s and made them into huge eyed skinny little freaks! Finally I decided that if I was going to truly be against the show, I’d have to watch it so I’d know what I was talking about. … Yeah, I got sucked in. It was Rarity’s artistic meltdown that did it, “I’m so Pathetic!” I now even own a creepy little Rarity figure. It’s grown on me.

In other news, my summer quarter and my summer internship are both done! My comic book that I was to complete over the summer is not though. Only a few more pages to go, I’m going to finish it even if it is late. :)

Tuesday I pack the car and leave Connecticut for my last year in Savannah! I am so excited to get this senior year going and finished so I can move back to the good ole North East for good! I love New England, it’s been a beautiful summer. I’ll be leaving temps in the high 70′s to go back to 90 degree and humid Savannah, but my cats are there and they make everything better. :)