Welcome to She’s Almost Normal Dot Com!

Almost Normal is an (almost) weekly web comic by yours truely, Lonnie DiNello. I learned in school that if you’re going to write, write what you know. Well, the things I know best are Me, Myself, and I. How many people can truthfully say that? I’ve been on a quest to get to know myself for about ten years now, and I discovered there was a whole host of people living in my head!

The Main Characters

Comic Me!
This is one of the Lonnies that live in my head. She’s probably about 5 years younger than the real me and in much better shape. Though some of her actions in the comic are based on real life events, she is not the REAL me, just don’t tell her that.

Dalia, the Beerhorse
Dalia showed up in my head April 1998. I thought she was just a roleplaying character, but she’s become much more than that. She’s my Jimminy Cricket, my voice of reason, my conscience. Half of what she says sounds just like my Mom! Most importantly, she’s my art work horse! When my muse comes to visit, it’s Dalia who makes sure I take the cue and get my work done.

I was playing World of Warcraft for three years before Despair finally clawed her way to consciousness in my brain. Like Dalia, she’s more than just a role-playing character. She’s taken up residence the antithesis to Dalia. She brought balance to my brain. Despair represents the fun parts of life that take me away from drawing and homework, which up until recently was pretty much the game. Without World of Warcraft as her outlet, she feels she’s lost some of her control, but she just has to find her place again. Even head zombies experience change.