That’s it! I refuse to do another My Little Pony comic… for a while at least. This has been fun, but I’ve got a bunch of other ideas brewing that need to be put on paper. :)

Notes: If you don’t know who the guy on the left is, I’m so sorry! Google what he’s saying in his word bubble and educate yourselves! If you don’t get the reference in the second panel, well, that’s a little more acceptable. I realize not everyone has taken an Art Appreciation course, though I strongly recommend it!

The second panel is a parody of the painting by Jacques-Louis David titled Napoleon Crossing the Alps. If you take a good look at the painting, you’ll notice that Napoleon is WAY too big for his horse! Supposedly, this was done on purpose as propaganda, or to appease Bonaparte’s insecurities about his own height, take your pick!

The original inks for The Lone Ranger and My Little Silver, and My Little Napoleon’s Horse, were actually done on artist trading cards. If anyone’s interested in them, make me an offer. Still trying to raise enough money for that digital content distribution plugin.

BTW: Dalia’s voice in my head sounds an awful lot like Applejack from the show. Not quite sure which came first anymore either…