Being involved in multiple fandoms gives one a unique perspective on prejudice and stereotyping. Every fandom has it’s weirdos, and frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way. They give the world color and entertain the rest of us!

Next weekend is Furfright in Waterbury, CT! Furfright is one of my favorite conventions in any Fandom! It’s a Halloween themed Furry Con that started out as a Halloween Party in someone’s back yard and exploded into the weekend long shindig it is now! Some of the costumes at this thing are AMAZING! Since it’s Halloween, there are regular folks in regular costumes, Furry folks in their Furry Costumes, and Furry Folks whose furry costumes are wearing costumes too!

Furfright is one of the most creative environments I’ve ever been in and I love the energy there! The goodie bags filled with homemade chocolate and butterscotch chip cookies waiting for the dealers at their tables is just one of the little touches that make this convention so much fun for me! Not to mention, it’s always fun to be a Rock Star for a weekend, even if they do think of Dalia as Me.